The Legend of John Henry

Legend has it that John Henry, slave of a railroad owner, raced against a steam engine at Oak Tunnel just outside of Leeds, AL. The same story is floating around in West Virginia as well… Research has been done to substatiate claims for both loactions, but each time one person thinks they have confirmed a story, another researcher debunks the claim.

We took a quick trip over to Leeds using coordinates found on the waymarking site and plugging them into google earth for directions. The directions led us to the right location, but found No Trespassing signs when we turned onto Tunnel Road. We decided to park anyway and take the short hike along the railroad lines to the tunnel.

Above this entry, you’ll find photographs taken here… one thing we forgot about until we were walking back down the tracks is that legend has it that the tunnel is haunted. We felt nothing freaky here, and both of us believe in the paranormal, but when we looked at some of the tunnel shots, we found the tell-tale signs of blobs of light in 2 shots. Weird, eh?

John Henry's legendary tunnel racing spot

John Henry's legendary tunnel racing spot


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